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Leading Retailer hire Provish
services for modelling and re-architecting its Customer Data Mart
We follow industry proven methodology to provide operational and strategic directions to our engagements. Our methodology founded primarily to direct data warehousing and business intelligence engagements and it has evolved over period of years by collaborating various engagement experiences with industry standard methodologies. We believe that every client’s needs are unique and we customize our methodology to suite the specific situations.

Our methodology works in conjunction with our rich knowledgebase of references and best practices. Every phase of the methodology has predetermined set of check-points and reviews to ensure that the deliverable of that phase is functioning as designed and provides sound foundation for subsequent phases.
Tool-kit and Accelerators
Provish founders have harvested years of experience implementing complex BI engagements and in the form of business intelligence toolkit that contains a comprehensive suite “tools” and “accelerators”. This reference knowledgebase is created and continuously being evolved based on our experiences and lessons learnt. All of our BI consultants have access to:
  • Practice aids and accelerators:
    • Business case development methods and templates
    • Project management, change management, process improvement and technical practice aides and accelerators
    • Software selection criteria and evaluation tools
    • Data architecture accelerators for various industries
    • Performance Measures/Dimensional Business Model Accelerators for various industries
    • BI Capability Maturity Model and Assessment
  • Business Intelligence methodology and framework
  • Access to network of BI experts and SMEs

Because of these accelerators, our engagements steer away from common pitfalls and follow the best practices. It also helps us reducing our solution design and delivery time-line significantly.

Industries Knowledge
Following is the list of some of the major industries we have been exposed to deliver information management solutions:
  • Automobile
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
    • Banking
    • Retail Credit/Leasing
    • Mortgage (Origination and Servicing)
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Insurance
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Technology/Electronics
  • Telecommunication and Cable

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