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Leading Retailer hire Provish
services for Modelling and re-architecting its Customer Data Mart
Info. Arch. Assessment and Strategic Planning
Information management tools are becoming more mature and capable than ever. However the key challenge lies in laying the sound foundation for organization’s information strategy.With numerous schools of thoughts prevalent about data warehouse architecture, we feel that devising the best architecture is ultimately governed by your organization’s information needs. Even the data warehouse architectural methodologies are independent of industries and line of businesses, every industry and organization is unique in its information needs. That is the reason, we put the first effort in understanding the Information strategy and information needs of your organization and then start putting together the optimum architecture. Hence our architectural and strategic planning deliverables are crafted after analyzing all encompassing needs.

Provish also provides assessment services for existing information architecture. Our approach is tool-agnostic and hence our assessments are unbiased and focused on organization’s needs rather than technologies. We also provide tool evaluation services if it is critical for holistic assessment of information architecture.

BI/DW Roadmap
Data warehouse and marts are central pillars of any organizations Information architecture. Real success of data warehouse is to support BI solutions which can address critical information needs in timely and effective manner. Rather than planning Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions in isolation, their planning should align the vision and strategy of the organization.

Provish provides business intelligence and data warehouse roadmap services which include

  • Current BI/DW landscape Assessment
  • Technological architecture review
  • Tool evaluation and selection ( If relevant)
  • Overall roadmap for BI/DW solutions and planning
By partnering with various functional and support groups within client’s organization, Provish team crafts roadmap deliverable which serves as a reference path for near-term as well as long-term BI solutions required. The deliverables provide micro-level insight also in areas of technical architecture assessment and tool evaluation if applicable.
Tools Evaluation and Selection
Provish has a pool of experts in various information integration, management and presentation technologies. Our experts have experience in major industry standard software and technologies. However, our tool evaluation and selection process is not driven by technological factors only. Our team focuses on understanding the requirements of the clients to derive comprehensive selection criteria as well as possible software vendors delivering some of full capabilities in those criteria. Since we are tool-agnostic, our team is able to evaluate every tool objectively and in light of overall architecture landscape. At every step of our evaluation, we involve client groups and key resources so that we can project the pros and cons for every tool as well as we can gather their insights.
Compliance (SOX)

CMM assessment
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