Jan 2009

Leading Retailer hire Provish
services for modelling and re-architecting its Customer Data Mart.

Business Intelligence
Knowledge is power.
Transforming data into knowledge is real empowerment.
Managing knowledge within organization is the key to gainfully leverage this power.

With the same philosophy, our Business Intelligence solutions provide strategic direction for creating business intelligence for your organization as well as operational tactics to architect and implement them.

Our solutions focus on identifying Critical Success Factors for your organization and defining the Key Performance Indicators measuring progress on each of them. Without this guiding philosophy, BI solutions will serve merely as operational reporting systems.

Business intelligence solution can only deliver business values if it enables organization to analyze the past performance, compare them against set target as well as provide them the platform for projecting future projections and possibilities. Our solutions are superior from technological architecture and are guided by above strategic principles.

Aligning strategic and operational activities with company’s Mission and Vision is the ultimate goal to achieve enhanced corporate performance. However, measuring corporate’s performance and monitoring it in near real-time is what it takes for executives to achieve that level of maturity. Increasing use of balanced scorecards and its visualization via dashboards is making executive’s life easy.

A Balanced Scorecard defines what management means by "performance" and measures progress of various performance areas to track whether management is achieving desired results. The Balanced Scorecard translates Mission and Vision Statements into a comprehensive set of objectives and performance measures that can be quantified and appraised.

Similarly, maintaining consistent views of the business throughout an organization can be a challenging task. But everyone needs information they can use to focus on accomplishing the same organizational goals. Dashboards employ advance data visualization techniques and provide relevant metrics, alerts, and monitoring tools to everyone in the company who needs to understand business activities.

Provish team can help you identify the Key Performance Indicators in major functional areas and metrics to track the status of each. With effective use of Scorecards and Dashboards technologies, near-real time monitoring of such KPIs will empower management with the knowledge they need to remain competitive and proactive rather than responsive in the market conditions.

Deriving actionable information by exploring and analyzing the volumes of data internal or external to enterprise gives competitive edge to its management.

Analytics solutions facilitate this process so that management can focus on utilizing the findings from these solutions rather than spending time and effort on deriving this analysis and metrics.  Many industry focused and/or pre-packaged analytics tools are available in the market. However, in order to maximize the investment in such tools every organization has to customize these prepackages solutions to suit their unique information needs. Provish team can navigate your team through entire process of analytics tool evaluation and selection as well as configuration and subsequent implementation.
Enterprise Information Integration
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