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Leading Retailer hire Provish
services for modelling and re-architecting its Customer Data Mart

Proposals for Managed Solutions
For any business intelligence, data warehousing and information management engagements, we offer managed solutions. The process for arriving at an agreement obviously starts with our proposal for the managed solutions. Following are the steps we follow for replying our RFPs.

Inquire – We review your project needs, gather information about your organization and purpose of the engagement, and determine the “scope” of the proposal.

Assess –With the scope of the proposal identified, our proposal team assesses the project requirements and scope of what needs to be accomplished. We also assess how much time and efforts will be needed to complete those tasks and what would be the proposed road-map to achieve.

Review and Refine– After assessing the work, we review the assessment internally with our other teams. If the situation demands, we also work with our prospect organizations’ teams for gather supporting information and feedback about initial assessment.

Propose – When the review is done, we will provide you with a fixed bid proposal. Our proposals outline the entire project and line item each area of design or development so you can easily breakdown the areas of cost.
Proof of Concepts
Initiatives to implement Data warehousing and Business Intelligent solutions require sizeable resource investment and commitments. Often it turns out that during   implementation time-lines, business drivers driving these initiative demand additional functionalities after reviewing interim deliverables which can impact the timeline significantly.  Hence it is critical to ensure that all elements required for successful DW/BI solutions are available and end-users expectations are managed from early phases.

Provish’s Proof-Of-Concept engagements prior to full-cycle implementation can help eliminate these potential road-blocks. POC or pilot-phase can be used to evaluate the various tools planned as to ensure how they integrate with other environments. Reporting layer proto-types give end-users the flavor of the potential reporting capabilities and acts as a catalyst for them to strategize how they can leverage final solutions to the maximum extent. Overall, POC exercises reduce chance of implementation timeline delays and ensure that final DW/BI solutions are aligned with business user expectations.
Engagement and Solution Delivery
Once the boundaries of our engagements with clients are agreed upon, we deploy our team for designing and implementing the final solution. Depending on the nature of the project, the engagement may contain some of all SDLC phases. We provide the strategic and operational directions during the entire lifecycle of the project.

Depending on the need, Provish provides project management support for the engagement and work with client managers or their PMO. At every phase of the engagement, we ensure that the deliverables for that phase are met and they adhere to the requirements we set forth before proceeding to next phase. We also evaluate potential risks and other factors affecting the time-line and level of efforts. These evaluations are handled by proper communications to our partners and appropriate risk management procedures.

Transition/Continued Support
Our managed service engagement with clients does not end after delivery of the solution. We provide the operational readiness assessment for client’s team. Based on the assessment, we create transition plan before ending our engagement. We also offer continued support services if the situation demands it.

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