Jan 2009

Leading Retailer hire Provish
services for Modelling and re-architecting its Customer Data Mart

Experts on demand
Provish consultants have all-encompassing background in various information management areas. Many times our clients face the pressing needs of highly skilled resources on a specific engagement and time basis. We work with our clients to understand the requirements and then identifying the right resources for fulfilling it. Our consultants from that point onwards works with client teams as their integral members. Each of our consultants has the highest level of commitment and supporting infrastructure from Provish regardless they are working on a managed services engagement or as an expert on demand.
Value proposition /Why Provish?
Our professional services resources are the best and brightest available in the relevant skills. They possess relevant technical skills essential for the job requirements. Besides the skills and experience they bring from their background, they have access to entire Provish knowledge-base and network of experts. We always work with them so that they and in turn our clients can leverage our experience and skills in all the relevant information management areas.

Our commitment to provide our clients the highest level of service even in on-demand model distinguishes us from other staffing agencies.


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